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'Joppe had an excellent workshop on networking at Aalto Ventures Program. In an engaging way, he showed the audience how to connect with each other and how to get the best out of networking events.'
Iiro Nurmi - Aalto Ventures Program

'I attended some integration courses from governmental institutions (where they taught me how to send CVs and to write cover letters), and some Finnish language classes, but the responses for my job applications were the same. And then I met Joppe. And Joppe, having passed through the same things as me and having an experience of social work, explained how things actually work in Finland and what are the actual hiring processes in many companies. That made me realize that: 1) things don't work here as they do in my own country, 2) things don't work here as they did 10, 5, even 2 years ago. After personal coaching with Joppe, not only I managed to find a job and improve my professional profile, but also I managed to realise what do I actually want in my life and how to achieve it.

I highly recommend Joppe´s workshop, cause personally for me it was a life-changing experience.'

Inga Chernova COO ArcticStartup

'At Joppe’s workshop you will learn that networking can happen anytime and anywhere, so it’s crucial to know yourself and your skills thoroughly and always be ready to pitch them the right way. His simple and practical self-reflection exercises will give you an overview of your unique set of skills and talents acquired through your past professional and personal experiences. You will be surprised how many of them are easily transferable and make you a great candidate for your dream job!'

Małgorzata Szczypka-van Heeswijk